What to wear?

I would rather a student enjoy him/her self and feel comfortable than be ‘properly’ dressed.  Having said that, it is easier for me and the student to see and correct posture and placement if students wear tighter-fitting clothes.   I do not have a dress-code but would suggest No skirts/dresses lower than the knee and pants no longer than the ankle for safety.  Emerald Ballet has a marley floor, so no shoes that would damage the floor, but most other footwear is fine, including socks. 


Are late-comers allowed in class?

I figure adults are responsible enough to know their own bodies, but please be careful if you arrive late and keep the legs lower while you warm up. 



Which level am I?

* Adult Beginning/Ballet 101 is a beginning class starting with basic posture, barre exercises, and fundamentals of dance.

* Adult Level 2 assumes basic knowledge of barre exercises.  This class is ideal if you took several years of ballet when you were younger or have had a recent year or two of classes, but beginners can also make it work. I'll demonstrate all movements multiple times and/or do movement with students.

* Adult Level 3 is a step up from level 2.  Students should be familiar with barre exercises, able to do a pirouette, waltz, leap, etc. and remember/execute at least 8 counts of choreography.  I'll demonstrate movements for you and usually do sequences with you.

* Level 4 adults should be able to do advanced barre work including a variety of arm, leg and sequence patterns; do pirouettes and a variety of jumps, and learn 16 counts of choreography at a time.  Also be able to translate choreography sequences to the opposite side.  

* Level 5 and up, should be able to do what's listed for level 4 as well as en dehors/en dedant (preferably double) pirouettes, know a variety of turns/jumps such as glissade, tour jeté, royale, fouette turns, pas de chat, etc. and remember 32 counts of choreography.  
*Advanced soaks up choreography extremely quickly with significant vocabulary and technique.


Are trials allowed?
Yes, a heads up is appreciated, and please fill out a Adult Registration Form


What about Makeup classes?

The session is priced without a makeup option, but I offer punchcards if you'd like flexibility. 

What about curriculum?

Except for beginning level, adult classes cater to those with some dance experience, even if it was a long, long time ago.  Dancers in these classes are at different levels of expertise and are encouraged to set goals appropriate for their personal level and ambition.  These classes include warmup, across-the-floor and center combinations, and weekly routines in a low-key environment.  These classes are mostly adults and most of us are moms/grandmoms.  I do not have a set curriculum.  


Do classes start on time?

My goal is to start classes at the published start time.


Do classes end on time?

I often go overtime - just having too much fun.  Please feel free to leave if you need to. 


Are there recitals?

There are no formal recitals.  We typically learn a dance and, we might do a party-gathering-performance for ourselves and a few family guests.

Why are there days off that don't line up with other classes or my child's school breaks?
I am a mother of 2, so my kids schools' breaks and special events are the main factor.  

Do you offer private classes?
I offer a 30-minute, one-time-only private for $10 for current/future students.  I will consider private classes for current/future students as my limited schedule allows if I can find studio space, at a rate of $1/minute.