About Terrel

I’ve taught for local studios such as Washington Academy of Performing Arts, Premiere Dance Center, and Kirkland Dance Center, Parks and Recreation agencies, the PRO Club, and University of Namibia in Africa, and most recently, 15 years at Redmond Parks & Recreation.  My philosophy is that dance is something you can move in and out of, and you don't have to take 8 hours/week just because you get good at it.  There are so many fun things to try in this area and I think dance is a great way to learn something new, develop focus, practice teamwork, get exercise,  and have fun.  

When I was younger, I studied and performed with the Louisville Ballet and Ballet Met (Columbus, OH).  Personal dance highlights include being named Ohio’s Junior Miss state talent winner (with dance), attending the Governor’s Summer Institute for the Gifted and Talented in the Arts (Ohio), being a founding member of Carnegie Mellon’s Dancer’s Symposium (Pennsylvania), and choreographing/performing for the Namibian National Dance Show (Africa).   In 2014, I was honored to be chosen and recognized by the City of Redmond's City Council as the 2014 Parks and Recreation person who "embodies the spirit of partnership and commitment to children in our community".

Before I had children, I focused on classes for seven-adult, but developed toddler and preschool curriculums after witnessing the joy my young daughter found in dance.  I had the great experience of being selected for and completing a nine-month certification program with King County Arts Commission/ArtStar centered on teaching Arts to children.   Complementing extensive dance experience, I have significant child-related experience outside of dance: I’ve served as a PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support) Board Member as well as Bellevue Community College’s Family Advocate and have studied child development and early childhood education.  I live in Redmond with my husband, son, and a handful of hard-luck-case cats (one with one eye, one without a tail, a 3-legged girl etc.).  My daughter is a student in the Professional Division at Pacific Northwest Ballet. 

Photo by Kaelyn Lefferts