2018 Schedule

2018 Fall Schedule

Please note I rent space from Emerald Ballet for my classes, and my classes won't appear on their schedule.  
Registration is directly through me (except Wed 10:00 a.m. which is through the studio.)  
Emerald Ballet Academy
12368 Northup Way, Bellevue   

The complex is called North Park. It is the first driveway on the right after 124th if coming from the East or 520 – 520 exits at 124th only if coming from 405/Seattle. Turn right at the top of the driveway and EBA is first thing on the left.  Here’s a street view and you enter EBA from the door near the center of this picture. There’s generally plenty of parking right in front.









Possible Jazz
Contact if interested. 

**10:00-11:00 **Emerald Ballet 
(**on EBA's schedule/rates)
Adult  Level 2ish*  
Ballet (18+/perm)




10:05-11:05 a.m. 
Occasional Free Dance
Contact if interested.


Adult Level 3 

11:15 Possible Beginning Ballet
Contact if interested.

Adult Level 3.25 




Possible Beginning Ballet
Contact if interested. 

9:05-10:05 p.m.  
Occasional Free Dance
Contact if interested.


Students have the following options: 
*Beginning series priced differently. 

  1. Register for the 15 week session at $100 ($6.67/class) - there are NO MAKEUPS with this option.   If you prefer to pay in 2 installments, that's fine. 
  2. Buy a punchcard of 10 classes at $75 ($7.50/each).  Punchcards expire in December.
  3. Buy a punchcard of 5 classes for $40 ($8/each).  Punchcards expire in December.  
  4. Pay a drop-in fee of $10/class. 
  5. Register for super-ballet for $150.  Super-ballet does NOT include Wednesday 10:00 a.m. class.

Payment by cash/check.  Advance registration greatly appreciated, but not required. 

Adult Level 3  Ballet  18+ or by permission
Tuesdays 11:05-12:00 at Emerald Ballet

August 28th -  December 11th.    $100.

Adult Level 3.25  Ballet  18+ or by permission
Thursdays 11:35-12:30 at Emerald Ballet
August 30th -  December 13th.    $100.

Classes include barre, center, across the floor and stretching.  Varied abilities, but best for those who have done ballet before, know some
terminology, and know a few turns/jumps – even if it was 2 decades ago, or have done other forms of dance.    

Adult Super Ballet 

Both Classes August 28th - Dec 13th 
$150 (does NOT include Wednesday 10:00 a.m. class)  (classes later added on schedule are $5 for SuperBallet students).
Please contact Terrel at terrel@terreldance.com if you have questions.