Dance with Terrel

Current teaching locations:   (I'm renting space; classes will not be listed on studios' schedules, except for one class at Emerald Ballet):

Emerald Ballet Academy  12368 Northup Way, Bellevue

Crescendo Dance Academy 14150 NE 21st St, Bellevue

Terrel’s Philosophy and Approach
   I believe classes at every level should be fun, not scary or stressful.  That is more important than an orderly class arrangement.  My classes occasionally look like chaos, and students are allowed to talk (even be silly) as long as it doesn’t interfere with the dancing. 

Classes have a maximum of 9 students (sometimes I’ll make room for 1-2 returning students), so that everyone has their own space and individual attention.  

As a mother of two, I know families are busy.  I try to simplify whenever possible (no need to buy hairspray or a certain color leotard).  I promise not to yell if you forget shoes.   If you love buns and matching leotards, I am not the teacher for you.

Students are encouraged to participate, never forced.  If your child would like to quietly watch instead of participating, I will let you know. 
For kids, p
raise of the correct is generally the first approach to discipline.  For example, if I want everyone in the circle – I’ll point out those who are there.  
I try not to yell unless someone really deserves it 

Parents are welcome to quietly stay in the room for danceplay, level 1 and 1.5 classes.  For higher levels, parents can stay and quietly watch the first class if their child has a special need for it.   Otherwise, children's classes are mostly for students only, but you can stop by to quietly observe every 6 weeks or so to witness your child’s progress and joy (hopefully).   Feel free to watch from the windows any time.   Children are welcome to sit in back while Mom takes class if they can remain quiet.



Important stuff to note
   Please take your child to the restroom before class.  

   Please do not come in more than 10 minutes early – I’m either in class or here early to set up or plan choreography.  If you arrive more than 3 minutes early, please stay with your child and be in charge of their safety until just before class time.

▪   Please wait outside until class is over.  If you come in, it may not be too disruptive - but if everyone did, it would be.  The exception is if you need to leave early (or on time as I'll often go a few minutes over – if you need to leave, feel free to get your child.  

 ▪  For children under 12, unless we've made other arrangments, I would like to see you (or an older sibling I've seen) before I release your child from class.  Please tell me if someone different will be picking up your child.  For teens, please let me know if you prefer I have them wait for you inside, otherwise I will let them go out on their own. 
 ▪  I have a lot of new shoes (mostly $9-16), some used shoes ($5), dance dresses (mostly $15-19) and tights ($5) for sale. If you need additional dancewear, I recommend